Presentation: Heads of University Biological Sciences departments

November 14, 2011

I gave a presentation on RCUK Strategy to the Winter meeting of the Heads of University Biological Science departments last week. Here are the slides, together with audio of my talk (direct link):

RCUK Strategy

View another webinar from steven_hill


Slide 5: SET statistics 2011
Slide 6, 24: Royal Society, The Scientific Century 2010
Slide 7: Spending review 2010 [pdf]
Slide 8: Allocation of science and research funding 2010 [pdf]
Slides 14-19, 25: BIS/Elsevier, Performance of the UK research base 2011;  Thompson-Reuters, Global Research Report UK 2011
Slide 26: Innovation Union Scoreboard 2010
Slide 27: Science, Technology and Industry Scorecard – Innovation and knowledge flows
Slide 28: OECD 2011, Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard – Public/private cross-funding of research
Slide 30: RCUK data principles
Slide 32: RCUK Concordat on Public Engagement
Slide 35: Times Higher Education
Slide 36: RCUK demand management principles
Slide 37: ESRC consultation responses
Slide 38: Nature


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